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"Iceland 2010, part 8, from Faroer to Amsterdam and home"

NOTE: Due to the duration of the trip and therefore volume of the diary I have split it up into several parts.



09.09.2010 Starting-km: 139.340, End-km 139.340, Distance 0 km

This Thursday we reached at lunchtime Torshavn where we had whilst the 5h stop the chance for a visit to the city.


Nice houses.


An old fortress from the 17th century.


And back onto the ferry.




10.09.2010 Starting-km: 139.340, End-km 139.340, Distance 0 km

I slept quite long and went to the lunch-buffet at this Friday. Along the route were several drilling rigs.


Besides that nothing special plus a quiet sea.



11.09.2010 Starting-km: 139.340, End-km 140.126, Distance 786 km

Saturday the ferry arrived at 8:00h in the harbour of Esbjerg in Denmark, but unfortunately I was the second but last to leave the ferry at 9:45h. Through Germany I drove to Amsterdam where I wanted to visit the IBC-exhibition. On the campground Gaasperplas I found at 20:30h a place to stay for a reasonable price and it was just a short distance to the metro-station. I had an invitation for the evening to join a party from Elvia in the city centre of Amsterdam where I met my colleague and friend Mark and together with my friends from Elvia, Milan and Miro we had a lot of fun whilst a long lasting evening!



12.09.2010 Starting-km: 140.126, End-km 140.126, Distance 0 km

When I woke up on Sunday morning I was not aware where I was: ferry? No, no rocking, looked out of the window and saw trees and lots of green plants so no Iceland or am I already back home?? Then I realized where I was and went to the exhibition and it was a great joy to see again my colleagues Ruth, Ginny, Peter & Mark.



13.09.2010 Starting-km: 140.126, End-km 140.126, Distance 0 km

Even on Monday I visited the IBC-exhibition and in the evening Winfried, Dirk, Norbert and I had lots of fun whilst the dinner.



14.09.2010 Starting-km: 140.126, End-km 140.610, Distance 484 km

Tuesday I had everything packed, emptied the tanks and filled up the water, as well I filled up diesel (197l, which equals 24,3l/100km) and my first stop was in Aachen, where I filled up my Lindt – chocolate stock.

In Bad Kreuznach I filled up again the diesel (101l, this is ONLY 21,9l/100km) and did some shopping to have a filled fridge at home. I had given a call to my sun and I was really happy to see him again and gave him a big hug before I drove the last few kilometres to Flonheim.

In total I drove 8.048 km, 5.925 in Iceland (neglecting the few on the motorcycle), and had to tank 2.231l Diesel. It was a great tour, I can only recommend Iceland, 6 weeks are perfect, 5 would have been as well OK, 4 are tight, everything less means to skip places where I have been.

It must have been much harder to travel Iceland years or even decades ago. The streets are now in a state, which still offers adventure and off-road fun. The plans from Iceland to modify more and more streets in a solid surface may attract more tourist but if quantity is really worth more than quantity? (NB.: Please don’t misunderstand me, I don’t think that I am “quality” but tourists trying to “explore” Iceland on hard-shoulder streets within 3, 7 days or so will miss the feeling which so far attracts the majority.) And without any problems my own trip would have been only half the “fun”. So who wants to see and feel Iceland’s spirit should not wait too long!



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