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"Iceland 2010, part 1, the start"

NOTE: Due to the duration of the trip and therefore volume of the diary I have split it up into several parts.



22.07.2010 Starting-km: 132.078, End-km 132.321, Distance 243 km

Thursday I started after a lot of preparations, appointments etc., not only for the big tour.

I started at 12:00h; the first stop was a bigger gas station in Mainz to fill up the tank. Then I drove north to Oberurff where I met after ages a class mate, Sylvia Hellauer. After a coffee and cake brake and some nice talks to her son Chris we both drove to my previous favourite bar „Rustika“ (the correct name is since ages “Turmschänke” but for me it will be always remain „Rustika“!) where some more class mates joined whilst the evening. It was a big and nice surprise that Hermann Brede came by as well and he invited me to a brunch for the next morning in his house. At more or less 01:00h even the last was finished and I went to Big Foot to go to bed.



23.07.2010 Starting-km: 132.321, End-km 132.401, Distance 80 km

I had a good and long sleep – the heat of the previous days had gone – I drove Friday to Dorla, where Hermann and his wife Gesa and daughter Hermine are living. After a good and long breakfast I showed them Big Foot before I drove to Niedenstein, my birthplace. I visited Elke and Reinhold Leuchter and my former „colleagues“ from the coach-company Chattengau.

From Niedenstein I drove to Rhenegge, where my sister Heike is living together with her husband Günter and their children Mareike and Vanessa. Jan-Hendrik is living since a longer time in the Munich area. Günter was busy because of his job in the tourist department, because at this weekend they had a cattle market in Adorf (the town of which Rhenegge is part of), but we nevertheless had enough time to talk and to visit of course the market.



24.07.2010 Starting-km: 132.401, End-km 132.401, Distance 0 km

In addition to the cattle market was a meeting of Gold-Wing drivers in Rhenegge. I didn’t like them too much, especially those who have a side-car for 2 more people plus a trailer. I liked most an original looking Gold-Wing 1000. In the evening we went again to the cattle market but because we didn’t enjoyed it too much there, Mareike and I spend a long evening with a lot of spirit(s) at her mate Michel – thanks to all of you, I really enjoyed it!



25.07.2010 Starting-km: 132.401, End-km 132.864, Distance 463 km

After a long sleep on Sunday I said good-by to Sieberts to prevent any delays because of the street blocking caused by the cattle-market parade. I made another stop at my mother in law Irene Pleil in Mariendorf before I really headed north on the motorway.

Although I had 2 traffic jams I got along quite well and stopped on a truck stop in Neumünster where I filled up the tank again (187l, which equals 24l/100 km), before I went to bed.



26.07.2010 Starting-km: 132.864, End-km 133.345, Distance 481 km

It wasn’t too long till the Danish border on Monday and I didn’t make a lot of stops. The bay prior to the ferry harbour Hanstholm was really nice.


Hanstholm had some remains from the Germans of the 2nd world war, the bunker were located in a beautiful heath area.


2 km to the east of the harbour was a nice place directly at the coastline where I wanted to stay whilst the night..


But when I returned after a short walk to Big Foot the wind had changed and I got the full smell of the close-by sewage-treatment plant and a factory for fish flour. So back to the direction of the harbour where 3 more camper vans were standing.



27.07.2010 Starting-km: 132.345, End-km 133.345, Distance 0 km

I had set my alarm early enough to be well in time for the check in of the ferry, after a shower and breakfast I got the engine running.

In front of the ferry were already some more 4x4-truck-style camper vans, one of them belonged to Helga & Thomas Lauerbach and their 2 young sons.


I couldn’t believe how the ferry could manage to get out of the small harbour gap but the captain managed it without driving backwards and forwards!  J

The passage was whilst the complete trip smooth and on the first day we had brilliant sunshine.



28.07.2010 Starting-km: 132.345, End-km 133.345, Distance 0 km

The next day the weather wasn’t any longer sunny and therefore the view to the Faeroe Islands wasn’t too nice.


The day on the ferry I spend with a lot of reading and a breakfast- and dinner-buffet and it passed by quite quickly. I had booked an inner cabin with 3 other people sleeping there as well and with extra costs for additional height and length of Big Foot I had paid a total for bi-directional trip I had spend nearly 2.000 EURO. The competition whilst the night, who snored the most, couldn’t be scored because everybody amazingly was asleep...



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