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"Events in May 2010"



This year I was again at the Leerkabinentreffen (people who built their own camper van) in Bodenheim close to Mainz, which took place from Friday, 07.05.2010 till Sunday, 09.05.2010. After I had settled on my area the slide out found a perfect use as a bar.




Saturday we enjoyed in the evening the previously in a common action prepared cheese foundue, under the perfect guidance from the Parapanters. The fondue was again perfect and motivated my son to pass by.




Nice talks as usual were typical for the event.




There were lots of camper vans:



Saturday evening we enjoyed two presentations about an Africa-tour and one about a very long stay in America.


Special thanks to Wolfgang and Heidi for the organisation, Parapanters for the fondue and all others for the nice days. Thanks as well to Ralf, Wolfgang and Hans-Jörg for their pictures.





The last long whitsun-weekend (22.05.2010 till 24.05.2010) I attended the Hanomag-AL-Treffen at the Bostalsee.

I parked next to Lemmi and his family.



Lots of interesting builds, e. g. with a wooden cabin.



But there were lots of others as well.



And of course lots of nice people which I know for longer or had the pleasure to meet for the first time.


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