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"Tour Southern Germany March 2010"



Friday, 19.03.2010 my son got his exam documents and in the evening a big party event. The girls and boys had spent a lot of efforts to organise this as an honour as well to the parents and their own success. But I have to say that the selection of the caterer, Göckel was not the best choice although his reputation is normally very good. Either he ripped of the children or the payback for money is not worth the food he served due to my opinion.


The next morning I drove to Munich, to be accurate: further down south to Wolfratshausen, where Hans Alramseder aka Wombi held again an event in his garage.

First important talks of the folks:


Some of the trucks:


In the evening the BBQ's were started properly with acetylene & oxygen:


That was a good decision because meanwhile everybody was hungry:


Talks after the dinner:


In the left front the boss of the event:


A look from the gallery:


After the very nice presentation / video about a very long trip with a RV to North America the discussions became more "sensitive", I stayed till approximately 04:00h.


Next morning either while, before or after the breakfast ...


Hans is checking the situation for his next destination: Island! If the vulcano may cause problems?


Some more trucks in the next morning:


Preparations for the leave - filing up the water!


It was a nice event with lots of great folks and interesting talks, special thanks to Hans for the organisation and his engagement to make it happen again and again!!!

After a short side-trip to the lake of Starnberg I drove Sunday afternoon to Thomas Ederin and his family Andrea and Celina in Sauerlach, where I stayed the evening. But because the previous evening was challenging I went to bed in Big Foot already before 22:00h. But nevertheless thanks so much for the enjoyable evening!

After I had driven Celina and her girlfriend in the next morning to their school I drove for a brunch to a former colleague Matthias Klein and Andrea Friedl. After the delicious food they recommended a stop in Landshut which was really a good hint:


In the evening I met a colleague in Eching, and luckily I was able to enjoy the beer again!


Tuesday morning I drove to Bamberg respectively to Gunzendorf, where my friend and classmate Jost Lohmann lives with his family Tanja and Jonathan. I was pleased to meet as well Jost's mother who visited them as well because I had spent ages in their house in Fritzlar where I went to school after parties etc.. I was that often there that I was more or less part of the family!

As a result the evening didn't stop too early and we had a lot of fun with old stories. Wednesday before lunch - when everybody finally was awake and fit again we made a short tour through the "Fränkische Schweiz", unfortunately without Tanja, who had to work. While we were driving Jost mentioned the blacksmith Hubert Hunstein, which he knows well from historic markets and his company Agil.

On our way to him we crossed a really small wooden bridge - which finally stayed and we can confirm now that she HAD supported approximately 10 tons. I am still amazed that no sign restricted the payload!!



To be on the safe side we decided to use another route for the return trip which guided us to a really nice place at Niederfellendorf underneath the ruins of the Neidburg.



The plan was to have a BBQ but the wind was a little bit too heavy and so Jost fried the sausages in the pan in Big Foot.


Because Jost had to do some work in his company Agil (I can only recommend it for historic events), I joined him and had a walk through the world heritage Bamberg:


In the evening I joined a test of the Gunzendorf theatre group where Jost joins. After  a while I managed to understand most of the things which were in the local slang even without a professional translator!


Thursday was time to say good by and on my way  I wanted to have a look in the next small village Buttenheim in the Levi Strauss Museum - but unfortunately it was closed again or so - at least I was unable to find anywhere a sign when it would be open.


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