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"AET-Meeting in June 2010"



First time for me: The AET ("German abbreviatíon for "Old Bucket Meeting") in Bergalingen, in southern Black Forest from Thursday, 03.06.2010 till Sunday, 06.06.. Mike had invited and organized everything perfectly.

Christoph had brought with him the trailer onto which he has mounted Adolf and Konrad, one is a huge diesel generator and an aircompressor.



As you could see already on the previous photo the weather was not good on Thursday and till dawn you were only able to surwive by drinking alcohol to warm up yourself from inside:



Friday we luckily had really good weather (besides the really cold night).




The event had a perfect size so that it was possible to have a chat with everyone.



Mike had set up his mobile climbing wall which was appreciated by the children and adults as well..



The place for the campfire after the storm had destroyed the tent in the morning.



The remains of the choir after the celebration of Gerolds birthday!



Saturday nearly everybody joined the tour to Seebrugg.



At the dead-end train station we had sufficient parking space for the trucks.



We enjoyed the perfect weather and sight to the lake.



Jens, a member of the historic trainstation organisation gave us a detailed overview of their activities and work.



The event was really niche and not far away from the location was a scenic overview over the Rhine valley.



I started on Sunday not too late to have fever problems with traffic. So I drove the French motorway on the left Rhine side without any problems but got stuck twice in heavy traffic on the German side. My trial to fill up the tank in France with cheaper diesel failed - either because of the height limitations or that the automatic paystations rejected my EC-card.


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