07.05 Bodenheim Besucher/Visitors

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"Leerkabinentreffen Bodenheim" 

This year we were again on the Leerkabinentreffen (people who built their own camper van) in Bodeneheim


We met lots of old friends from the previous years but as well new faces showed up:


Here a shot whilst a visitor "crowd" was in Big Foot. Left Gunter, on the right in front Jan, and with "Thumbs up" in the rear our son Robin.




"Hongkong-Joe and his blue camper van, then Parapanter's Saurer, etc. etc. ...


On the right Björn's movers van, which he is transfering into a camper van, needless to say that he has lots of space available.


Another point of view... (Please respect as well the perfect lifitng position!!!)


And here the highlight: the cheese fondue, really excellent and tasty, prepared from the Parapanters with their perfect equipment. Once again thank you so much and hopefully we can enjoy it again next year!


In the evening the firebrigade came with their turntable ladder-truck to take a shot of the place for the local magazine which gave us a chance to have as well a look from the cage (unfortunately no own shots so thanks to Sven and Tobias for their photos).


When it had turned dark we enjoyed a presentation from Sven about Iceland which really raised the wish to get there as soon as possible.


Thanks to all who made it such a nice come togehter!


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Stand: 24. September 2010