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Arco (born 31.05.1993, unfortunately he left us 25.03.2006)


As a dog catastrophic!

As a friend and human being irreplaceable!


The killer dog, with a big nose which is permanently annoying ...


But besides that he is extremely brave and watchful (as long as he doesn't has to take his beauty sleep!)



Coolest dog of the world!



Typical position of a killer dog before THE final bite!!



Scandal: Owner tortures dog! How can this torturer (the guy in the full-body condom) be so unfair to use pure water?



Away with this ugly, wet stuff!



Of course Arco knows how to dress perfectly due to the season. Here an example from the Christmas time.
Curious what Easter may bring!


Who wants to send a personal mail for Arco (photos of naked female dogs are more than welcome!) please contact:



And here Arcos preferred Links:

A real hot female dog from Austria!

Momo from close to Dortmund

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